The Muttart Foundation was incorporated as a private charitable foundation in 1953 by Merrill Muttart and Gladys Muttart.

Dr. Gladys E. Muttart
Mr. Merrill D. Muttart

Mr. and Mrs. Muttart were successful business people who believed very strongly in supporting worthwhile charitable organizations. Even before they created the Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Muttart were recognized as generous philanthropists, contributing their time and money to many community organizations.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Muttart died in the winter of 1969-70, but their strong belief in and support of private philanthropy have been carried on by a Board of Directors comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds.

The Foundation is an Alberta Societies Act non-share capital corporation and holds registered charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency.

The Foundation’s assets total approximately $43 million.

The Foundation continues to support the work of the charitable sector in Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as at a national level. Through its own charitable activities and its funding programs the Foundation works with other funders and charitable organizations to improve the early education and care of young children and to strengthen the charitable sector.