Supporting Umbrella Organizations

Please Note: The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications under this program.

Charities exist to serve others.

In every community in the country, charities work to improve or enhance the quality of life. Some charities work outside Canada to assist those without the resources to assist themselves.

These organizations know intimately the communities they serve. They are a powerful source of information and advice.

It is critical that their voices be heard when governments make policy decisions.

When charities band together to create umbrella organizations, their voices are amplified, and they can contribute significantly to the development of good policy. They can work with governments to co-create programs, bringing their on-the-ground experience to ensure that programs deal with issues in ways that will be helpful.

For more than three decades, The Muttart Foundation has recognized the importance of umbrella organizations, nationally and in Alberta. The Foundation provides core funding to selected organizations to help them better serve the charities they represent.

Through this program, the Foundation also hopes to develop leadership capacity in the sector, preparing people to take on the role of tackling policy-level issues affecting the sector as a whole.

Our current grants under this program include core funding to the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations.