The Foundation considers a robust charitable sector as central to a strong, healthy society. Through their work charities build community and address key social issues and concerns.

The Foundation’s philanthropy focuses on three areas:

The following principles guide the Foundation’s work in the above areas

Private philanthropy has the opportunity and ability to take a leadership role in identifying and addressing the key charitable issues and concerns that remain outside of the scope and responsibility of government or the private sector.

Private philanthropy cannot build or maintain the infrastructure of the charitable sector alone nor can it replace reduced government funding for service delivery. Foundations have limited resources to make strategic investments that lever larger public and private sector investments.

Private philanthropy has access to capital that is relatively unconstrained by regular business or government cycles. This enables Foundations to take risks, to remain patient and to invest in ideas and opportunities with great potential and innovation.

Private philanthropy  can best work through a strategy of cooperative advantage that involves working in collaboration with others to mobilize community resources.