October 19, 2014

Last Updated

September 8, 2023


Dr. Rachel Langford

Practice Area

Early Childhood Education and Care



Advancing the Educational Preparation and Professional Development of Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Workforce Summary Report. The Muttart Foundation has prepared the current discussion paper (and summary report) to begin the process of rethinking how the Alberta early childhood education and care workforce might best be developed to meet the needs of children and their families. The paper considers the knowledge, skills and competencies early childhood educators (including certificated teachers) require to deliver high-quality learning and care for children below the mandatory school age, as well as the educational preparation and professional learning requirements that supports these bodies of knowledge, skills and competencies. Dr. Rachel Langford, Director of the School of Early Childhood Studies, at Ryerson University, served as the lead researcher and writer for the paper and worked closely with Muttart Foundation staff in its development.