December 2, 2020

Last Updated

September 6, 2023


Jane Beach

Practice Area

Early Childhood Education and Care


System Design

This report, commissioned by the Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Care and the Muttart Foundation, was written with the intent of promoting discussion about improving the quality of early learning and care in Alberta. It provides a comprehensive review of how jurisdictions can, and do, support quality in early learning and care through a combination of regulation and other policy vehicles and mechanisms. It was prepared by Jane Beach, a prominent researcher and consultant in the area of early learning and care. The report:

  • reviews the history of early learning and care in Alberta since the 1960s
    as well as its present state (Section 2);
  • describes international research on quality and standards
    for ensuring quality (Section 3);
  • provides an overview of regulatory mechanisms for supporting quality in
    Alberta and four other provinces (Section 4);
  • outlines the regulatory, funding, and policy measures used in Norway
    to build a high-quality system of early learning and care (Section 5); and
  • raises issues that need to be considered in building a system of early
    learning and care (Section 6).