June 4, 2021

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September 27, 2023


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Dominique Marshall, Carleton University

Dominique Marshall is professor of history at Carleton University. She teaches and researches the past of social policy, children’s rights, humanitarian aid, refugees, disability, and technology. She coordinates the Canadian Network on Humanitarian History, which supports the rescue of archives of Canadian development and aid; co-directs the Carleton University Disability Research Group and the International Development Research Centre–funded program Gendered Design in STEAM; and is a co-investigator of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council–funded Local Engagement Refugee Research Network and a member of its Archives, Living Histories and Heritage Working Group. She has written about Canadian social policies and poor families, the Child Welfare Committee of the League of Nations, the Conference on the African Child of 1931, and the history of OXFAM in Canada.